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Released in the Spring of 2023, some five years after Josienne left her contract with Rough Trade, Onliness is both a wholesome project and a spellbinding work in its own right. Opening with one of her earliest compositions – the subtle moving 'The Tangled Tree' – and closed by a new song, it presents a career retrospective viewed through a new lens and is comprised of reworked versions of fan favourites and hidden gems from a back catalogue that always glimmered even when the noise around it was at its most imposing.


1. The Tangled Tree
2. Only Me Only
3. It Would Not Be A Rose
4. Ghost Light
5. Silverline
6. Bells Ring
7. Something Familiar
8. The Birds
9. Homemade Heartache
10. Chicago
11. Things I Didn’t Need
12. Bathed In Light
13. Anyone But Me
14. I Never Learned French
15. Done
16. Workhorse
17. Words Were Never The Answer 

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