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Everything But The Girl - aka EBTG - was formed in 1982 by singer-songwriter-musicians Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt. Their debut single was a stark jazz-folk cover of Cole Porter's Night and Day.

Acclaimed for their tender-tough lyrics, Thorn’s unique voice and Watt’s arrangements, they released a string of UK gold albums throughout the 1980s experimenting with jazz, guitar pop, orchestral wall-of-sound and drum-machine soul.

In the 1990 they released three albums, Amplified Heart, Walking Wounded and Temperamental, which gained them huge critical acclaim and commercial success. Then in 2000 they chose to quit. Tracey focused on family life away from the spotlight before returning with a run of solo albums and best-selling autobiographical books. Ben moved into DJing and remixing, and launched the respected electronic label, Buzzin' Fly. He returned to his singer-songwriter roots with a trilogy of solo albums from 2014-2020.

Now at last, the duo return with their new LP, which sees Tracey’s distinctive dolorous vocals topping their downtempo grooves. And as you’d expect, the songwriting is exemplary. Some, 20 years on, it feels like a natural progression from their ‘90s sound, filtered through the uncertainty and confusion of the intervening years.


1. Nothing Left To Lose
2. Run A Red Light
3. Caution To The Wind
4. When You Mess Up
5. Time And Time Again
6. No One Knows We’re Dancing
7. Lost
8. Forever
9. Interior Space
10. Karaoke

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