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Kauai - Reissue

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STN MTN / Kauai is the combined release of the seventh mixtape and second extended play (EP) by American recording artist Childish Gambino. They are each considered dual sides of a concept album that are unified by a cohesive story line, and come ten months after Glover's second studio album, Because the Internet

STN MTN is a concept mixtape where Glover is asleep dreaming he "ran Atlanta", with songs based on modern day southern hip hop. The mixtape ends with Glover awaking from this dream on the Hawaiian island, Kauai. Kauai is a concept EP. Unlike STN MTN, Kauai focuses on themes such as love, nostalgia and passion, using alternative R&B. A song from the EP Kauai, "Retro [Rough]", is based on Gambino's earlier song, "Love Is Crazy" featuring Eugene Cordero, from his mixtape Sick Boi.


1. Sober
2. Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good) - Childish Gambino Feat. Jaden Smith
3. Retro (Rough)
4. The Palisades - Childish Gambino Feat. Christian Rich
5. Poke - Childish Gambino Feat. Steve G Lover
6. Late Night In Kauai - Childish Gambino Feat. Jaden Smith
7. V. 3005

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