Black Lips

Satan's Graffitti Or God's Art - 2023 Reissue

Image of Black Lips - Satan's Graffitti Or God's Art - 2023 Reissue
Record Label
Fire Records

About this item

Part of a series of Fire re-issues celebrating 20 years of the legendary garage rock gurus from Atlanta, Georgia. This 2017 record features a musically evolved Black Lips, who still stay true to their original blistering take on fuzzy, dirty rock n' roll. God’s Art or Satan’s Graffiti features guest contributions from Yoko Ono was produced by Sean Lennon throughout 2016. During the recording, the band isolated themselves from the outside world, infusing the album with a focused liveliness similar to the spirit that brought them together in the first place. On Satan's graffiti or God's art? founding members Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley teamed with former guitarist Jack Hines (who played in the group from 2002-2004) and additions Oakley Munson on drums and Zumi Rosow on saxophone. A sonically captivating document that is as creatively unhinged as it is precisely executed, one of the rawest and most expansive albums in the band's storied history.


Side A
A1 Overture: Sunday Morning
A2 Occidental Front
A3 Can't Hold On
A4 The Last Cul De Sac
Side B
B1 Interlude: Got Me All Alone
B2 Crystal Night
B3 Squatting In Heaven
B4 Interlude: Bongo's Baby
B5 Rebel Intuition
Side C
C1 Wayne
C2 Interlude: E’lektric Spider Webz
C3 We Know
C4 In My Mind There's A Dream
Side D
D1 Lucid Nightmare
D2 Come Ride With Me
D3 It Won't Be Long
D4 Loser's Lament
D5 Finale: Sunday Morning

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