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Piano Works Vol. 1

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Ireland based American songsmith Peter Broderick announces the release of Piano Works Vol. 1 (Floating in Tucker’s Basement) — a new comprehensive album of solo piano recordings out November 25. Shining a light on the artist’s ongoing piano-based compositions, this release offers an opportunity to celebrate his more intimate work.

A comprehensive collection of Peter Broderick’s piano work to date, these recordings were originally captured in Berlin to accompany the 2017 sheet music book Piano Works Vol. 1. The book contains 20 pieces for solo piano and a download code to access new recordings of all 20 pieces. Up until now, the only way to hear these recordings was to purchase the sheet music book.

This release sees the original recordings receiving further treatment and processing by Tucker Martine in the customised echo chamber of his studio in Portland, Oregon—the region where Broderick grew up. The clean and unaffected original recordings were intended for educational purposes, so for this release Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths suggested to ‘throw the recordings into the well’, for a more dynamic and conscious listening experience.

“We gave these recordings a bit of a makeover. We sent all the tracks over to legendary engineer/producer Tucker Martine, who processed all 20 of them with unique tape and reverb treatments, utilising the echo chamber of his Portland studio, Flora Recording & Playback,” explains Broderick.


Barry says: Peter Broderick is a lovely man and a fine composer, with his interests and abilities spanning a huge variety of genres, but for my money is at his most profoundly moving (apart from on the spine-tingling 'Home') when he's behind the piano. Piano works is, predictably, exactly that (piano pieces) and spans all of his albums to date. Nuanced, tender piano pieces with Broderick's perfect melodic ear.


1. Sonata For The Sirius
2. A Snowflake
3. Diverge
4. Pulling The Rain
5. Low Light
6. Bernard & Elba’s Waltz
7. Under The Bridge
8. Moment
9. Query
10. It’s A Storm When I Sleep
11. Eyes Closed And Traveling
12. Planes (Solo)
13. Ceasefire
14. Carried
15. Laden
16. Three Floats
17. Up Niek Mountain
18. Conspiraling
19. When I’m Gone
20. Dearest

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