Levitation Sessions

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The Reverberation Appreciation Society

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“This set was recorded and filmed at the Cemes laboratory, in Toulouse, south of France. The place is called "La Boule", and the structures you see behind us are the top of an old particle microscope. The sound turns infinitely in this sphere of aluminum. We wanted to confront our songs with this environment full of endless echoes and noises. Thank you very much to our crew, Levitation, and all the good people at Cemes, it was an intense sonic and physical experience for us, we hope you'll enjoy watching it. Can't wait to play for ya'll in real life, but until this day arrives... We salute you, from the deep space and the night !” - SLIFT


Disc: 1
1. Ummon
2. Thousand Helmets Of Gold
3. It's Coming...
4. Citadel On A Satelite

Disc: 2
1. Lions, Tigers & Bears
2. Hyperion
3. Heavy Road
4. Altitude Lake

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