Jan Van Den Broeke

Time And Desire

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EE Tapes

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‘Time And Desire’ contains Jan’s exquisite selection of 10 unpublished songs and cinematic tales (recorded 2006-2021) about memory, the journey through life, the passage of time, the constant craving, the burning desire… and some soothing miracle moments.

We get versatility and unity at the same time. We certainly hear echoes of Absent Music and The Misz (Jan’s projects from the 1980’s), but we especially hear Jan Van den Broeke and friends summarizing life and music (and poetry), while blurring time. The 1980s, the 2020s - who cares?"

Extremely limited copies! 


JUNE11 - The Flat Horizon
JUNE11 - I’m Harriet (A Free Woman)
JUNE11 - La Vie Est Un Rêve
JUNE11 - Julia Margaret Cameron
JUNE11 - No Worries/Libera Amor
JUNE11 - Memories #2
JUNE11 - The Breaking Wave
JUNE11 - Je Trébuche Pas #1
JUNE11 - Stable Heart (For Joan)
CANTO DE MUDO - Eno-De Sela #2 (For Lhasa)

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