The Slickers

Run Fattie / Hoolla Bulla

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Harlem Shuffle

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This is a licensed release of the impossibly rare and very much in demand Run Fattie by The Slickers. It was initially released in 1969 on Trojan Records. It has never been released on a single since and it is simply not on sale anymore. This is yet another exciting song that combines Rocksteady harmonies with a mid-tempo early Reggae beat plus rather cryptic lyrics about the poor Fattie running all over town… Cracking! The B-side is a licensed reissue of the very rare 7" vinyl single track Hoola Bulla. It was originally released as the B-side of Run Fattie on the 1969’s 7inch vinyl single and it has never been repressed on 7” until now. This lovely “hot shot” combines an infectious rhythm infused with Caribbean percussions along with sweet group harmonies, an instant and unstoppable hit. A perfect flip for this killer double sider.


Matt says: Another rare-as-hens-teeth rocksteady double header from 1969 Jamaica. Again, following the genre's development into reggae, these never before reissued tracks are stupendously important figureheads in the history of Jamaican music.


Run Fattie
Hoolla Bulla

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