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Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be - 2022 Reissue

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Max Tundra, aka Ben Jacobs, announces the reissue of his first three studio albums: the uncategorisable 2000 debut ‘Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be’, 2002’s breakthrough ‘Mastered by Guy at The Exchange’, and the 2008 masterwork ‘Parallax Error Beheads You’. Available to independent retailers on coloured vinyl.

Ben is one of the most influential artists of popular music right now. The hyperpoppioneer has collaborated with the likes of Arca, Daphne & Celeste and A.G. Cook.The natural musical predecessor to the likes of PC Music, Jacobs also boasts aremix roster which includes Pet Shop Boys, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand. The reissues’ announcement went down wonderfully, with pick-up in Pitchfork, TheLine of Best Fit and other key media outlets, as well as social support from Danny LHarle, Shygirl, Arca, A.G. Cook, Colin Self and Caroline Polachek.


A1. Cakes
A2. Lamplite On A One Horse Shoe
A3. Ah, There's Deek Now Let's Ask Him
A4. Lausanne
A5. Tuli, A Plain Ride From Canvas
A6. Bill Sholem Quintette
A7. Ink Me
B1. The Salation
B2. Sussi Kuku
B3. 6161
B4. Carbon Cones

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