Attia Taylor

Space Ghost

Image of Attia Taylor - Space Ghost
Record Label
Lame-o/Run For Cover

About this item

Attia Taylor is a NYC based musician, writer, and content producer. She is the founder of Womanly Magazine, The Dorothy and a member of The Art Dept Collective. Her work is rooted in social justice, art, and design, to bring inclusive and culturally relevant content to sound, print and digital realms. She is passionate about building and cultivating communities through journalism, music, storytelling, and research. “Space Ghost” is her debut solo album, recorded with Jeff Ziegler (Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs) in Philadelphia.


A1. Seventy
A2. Mildest Winner
A3. Basic Economics
A4. Space Ghost
A5. Broad And Cherry
B1. Dog And Pony Show
B2. Baby Ain’t Nobody
B3. Wanna Go
B5. Alone

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