Ferry Djimmy

Rhythm Revolution

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Acid Jazz

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Recorded for Benin’s Communist revolution, ‘Rhythm Revolution’ is a rare and truly unique Afrobeat record - it’s rumoured only 200 copies of the original release survived.

Ferry Djimmy was a schoolteacher, former boxer, and a personal friend of Muhammad Ali and Fela Kuti. He was later Jacques Chirac’s personal bodyguard.

Recorded at the Satel Studio in Cotonou, the album is one of the toughest, wildest and deepest slices of Afro-Funk cut - with raw African rhythms, distortion, energy and wit.

Alongside nods to Hendrix, Kuti and James Brown, there is something truly unique about Ferry Djimmy’s musical legacy.

A must-have for Afrobeat, Afro Funk and Psych collectors.


Matt says: Hard fuzz and clatter here from a Benin revolutionary.. Ferry wields his guitar like a man possessed, issuing wah-wah bombardments and frenzied solos; whilst a whole array of yet-to-be-sampled breaks thump away in the back. Real deal shit!


Be Free
Atakpa DC9
When I Come In The Road
Brest DC10
Yong Revolution
Carry Me Blak
A Were We Coco
Egbemi Black
Love Love
Start To Pray
Oluwa Loranmi Nichai
Toba Walemi
Chikri Man
My Dad Has Me To Kanm

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