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“The album is titled ‘Movements’ because it has changes in feeling and energy throughout. When I was first putting songs together for the album I had a lot of sad songs and I felt like an important part of me was missing from it. So I later added some songs to express that happy and fun side of myself. It makes a lot of sense to me, because emotions are not consistent, to at least have one album that goes through those movements, and I choose this to be that album.

I also went back to my roots a little during the pandemic and decided I really missed gymnastics – my childhood obsession. So I spent a lot of time stretching and exercising, hoping to go back to it once things were safe again. As it happened I took up dancing instead for something new, but that also influenced the title as I was working on the album throughout the pandemic.

I learnt so much making this album because it was the first time I wrote all of the arrangements myself, demoed out in full before entering the studio. It was a challenge I set myself and I also learnt a lot more about recording and mixing through this process – something I want to do more of as I continue writing. Another goal I set myself was to be able to write piano songs with vocals which I’d never done before, so there are quite a few of those on this album.

I recorded the album in Hastings with producer Martin Ruffin who I also worked with on my previous releases. It was mixed by Martin Ruffin and mastered by Aneek Thapar.” – Natalie Evans


1.Driving Home Late
2. Between The Ground And Sky
3. Movie
4. Pencil Drawn
5. Interlude (Back Of My Mind)
6. Colours Fade
7. Sun Song
8. Under The Moon
9. When You Leave
10. To Go On
11. Five Positives
12. Guest Room

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