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Image of Walt Disco - UnlearningImage of Walt Disco - UnlearningImage of Walt Disco - Unlearning
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Unlearning, the breathtaking debut from Glasgow’s Walt Disco, is steeped in metamorphoses, a stage show in two acts. It covers flings and romances, identities and bodies and change, profound familial love, and - of course - Hollywood glamour. The album plays out like a musical, with an emotional arc and even an instrumental interlude, winkingly titled ‘The Costume Change’.

While the themes of the album are universally relatable, Walt Disco’s gift is in the unique experience of discovery and heartbreak between queer people - something that frontperson James explores in depth on songs such as ‘Weightless’, ‘Be An Actor’ and ‘Hold Yourself As High As Her’. In Walt Disco’s eyes, it’s never too late to become what you might have been and there are plenty of possibilities to explore on Unlearning.


1. Weightless
2. Selfish Lover
3. How Cool Are You?
4. Cut Your Hair
5. Timeline
6. Be An Actor
7. The Costume Change
8. Those Kept Close
9. Hold Yourself As High As Her
10. My Dear
11. Macilent
12. If I Had A Perfect Life

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