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Mille Plateaux

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Simona Zamboli's first album on Mille Plateaux "Ethernity" is a piece of haunting music - vibrating, pulsing and cutting through the concrete and the chaos at the same time. Hushed and intimate in places, whilst in others, ruthlessly destructive, the album is a journey through trans-reality, not only as a melancholic drama, but also as a travel to alien worlds, hence as a necessity of an electronic intervention. "Ethernithy" is radical fictioning in a non-expressive, non-melancholic and ultrablack sense. Profound music demands blackness, not silence. When we speak of communication or mediation, the reference is always that of the mystical tradition of the via negativa; mediation and communication always imply the dissolution of sender and receiver, leaving not only the message that is the gulf or abyss, but a perception out there, which senses should be able to recognize and even love.

In this way the album conveys all these primal and ancient emotions in a cybernetically enhanced manner; smothered in a dissolute darkness that only the deepest recesses of space and reveal... 


Side 1
1. Bless (interlude) (2:14)
2. Dream But Be Careful (5:50)
3. Noise Hub (6:11)

Side 2
1. Take Me Somewhere (5:30)
2. A Lightning Bolt Strikes The Mountaintop (3:40)

Side 3
1. Compossibility (7:04)
2. Let It Drain From You All (3:46)

Side 4
1. Russian Galaxy (4:29)
2. Trittico (feat Transgressorcorruptor) (4:22)
3. Ethernity (3:47)

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