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Her Winter Coat

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Talking about the single, Bob Stanley said:

We love Christmas, as you probably know, and it feels like it's been a while since our last really Christmassy Christmas record. But I think Pete has done a properly beautiful, icy, frosted, festive job on 'Her Winter Coat’. Alasdair's film for it is the icing on the yule log. I hope you love it as much as I do. We're really looking forward to playing it live!

Pete Wiggs added:

To complement 'Her Winter Coat', Sarah and Gus Bousfield have come up with the incredibly catchy 'A Kiss Like This', laden with swirling hibernal synths, and for a touch of Cold War frost we have the brooding melancholy instrumental 'Lillehammer' to complete the package. Hope you love 'em all!


1. Her Winter Coat (edit)
2. Lillehammer
3. A Kiss Like This
4. Her Winter Coat 

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