King Jammy

Destroys The Virus With Dub

Image of King Jammy - Destroys The Virus With Dub
Record Label
VP / Greensleeves

About this item

King Jammy returns to the mixing board to put the virus under manners with a new set of classic dubs 21st century style!

Same drill as always, if you have a Reggae section then put this in it. If you don’t, then start one and put this in it.


1. Lockdown Dub
2. Quarantined In Dub
3. Tracks And Trace Dub
4. Dub Fi Social Distance
5. Closed Border Dub
6. A New Normal In Dub
7. Dub On The Front Line
8. Dubbing From Home
9. Dub Injection
10. Dub Tribute To All Hospital Workers

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