Christina Giannone

Glazed Vision

Image of Christina Giannone - Glazed Vision
Record Label
Past Inside The Present

About this item

Cult American ambient label Past Inside The Present looks to New York City-based composer Christina Giannone for her new full length "Glazed Vision", which is pressed to nice heavy 160 gram transparent clear vinyl. This is her third full length following 2020's "The Faint" and a collaborative work also last year, and it is another development of her dark, heavy, drone fulled ambient landscapes. These are lo-fi, foggy tracks that hang in mid air and make you feel like you're doing the same as only the most subtle of shapeshifting chords brings a sense of motion. It is bleak yet beautiful and never less than hugely absorbing.


Side 1
1. Realms II (6:31)
2. Glazed Vision (7:13)
3. Telepathy (5:55)
Side 2
1. Immortality (4:53)
2. Divinity (4:00)
3. Telepathy (Worriedaboutsatan Remix) (7:31)

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