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Jaga Jazzist's 'Pyramid' displayed a wonderful mix of soaring electronics and jagged avant jazz, and their latest eandeavour sees a number of shining lights in today's electronic music landscape pull out the stems for a brilliantly diverse and wonderfully exploratory set of remixes. 

Petter Eldh's remix of 'The Shrine' sees the main refrain chopped up and scattered liberally among a few shards of industrial noises and shimmering synth swells, kicking things off in wonderful fashion before the pulsing dystopian glimmer of the OKIOK rework of the same piece. It seems odd to have two remixes of the same piece following each-other but in this instance they're so wildly different that you can hardly even tell they're from the same stock. 

Lindstrom' & Prins Thomas' rework of 'Apex' is one of the top cuts for me, forging a perfect mixture of the former's airy euphoric electronica, and the latter's laid-back house into a by-the-pool groover that continues to grow organically into a not inconsiderable near-12-minute anthem. 

Prins makes an appearance again later on with the snappy tribal funk of 'Spiral Era', before the set closes out with André Bratten's woozy saturated ambient rework of the wonderful 'Tomita'. 

A worthy and wonderfully varied collection of home listening house, or cosmic jazz for a VERY chilled dancefloor. 


A1. The Shrine (Petter Eldh Remix)
A2. The Shrine (OKIOK Remix)
B1. Tomita (Paul Bender Remix)
B2. Apex (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
C1. The Shrine (Ian Chang Remix)
C2. Tomita (OKR Of Once And Future Band Remix)
D1. Spiral Era (Prins Thomas Remix)
D2. Tomita (André Bratten Remix)

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