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Nat Ćmiel is a non-binary, London-based, Singaporean multi-disciplinary artist and cyborg entity. “Glitch Princess” opens a channel to the in-between spaces: error messages and broken computer code where soothing un-melodies rest comfortably among the jagged edges of feedback loops. Ćmiel’s experiences with sobriety resulted in a flood of emotions and “Glitch Princess” is an undiluted excerpt of this downpour. Video game scores, experimental shoegaze sounds, & ethereal whispers come together to build an underworld with the occasional erratic dance beat to guide users deeper into the fever dream. yeule invites us to transcend into a post-human world where expression is no longer bound by identity, but rather we are free to assemble ourselves along lines of affinity.


01. My Name Is Nat Cmiel
02. Electric
03. Flowers Are Dead
04. Eyes
05. Perfect Blue
06. Don't Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty
07. Fragments
08. Too Dead Inside
09. Bites On My Neck
10. I <3 U
11. Friendly Machine
12. Mandy

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