A Beautiful Revolution Pt 2

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Common's 14th album to date and it finds the 49 year old rapper still surprising much of the hip-hop landscape with his eloquent verses and immediate but staid, adult delivery. There's collaborations to enjoy a-plenty, and for us, many of the high peaks from the artist's millenial release "Like Water For Chocolate" can be referenced here. Celebrating Black resistance and empowerment, it offers hope in an era plagued with one disaster after another - but offered up as a healing balm against troubled times. He proves it's possible to exist as a 40-something rapper without having to resort to mindless violence and battle-raps of more youthful times. 

Of the release Common said, “A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2 was created with hope and inspiration in mind. The spirit of the album was meant to emulate what a greater day would sound and feel like. We were in the midst of some tough political and socially challenging times. There was still hurt, anger and pain lingering, so I was thinking, “what is the next step in this revolution?” I thought about what being still in these times had brought me and that was a peace beyond understanding, a greater love for self, a closer connection with God, and more appreciation for my family, friends and the simple things in life. I wanted to write about that and create music that embodied that. What does a new day, a brighter day feel like being told through an emcee and some gifted musicians? How could this music be an example of the beautiful aspects of revolution that include joy, self-love, compassion, dreams, peace and good times? As a piece of art, I believe we took it to different places musically only to come back to the original intention. To bring joy to people’s hearts, fun to their lives and smiles to their souls.”


Barry says: Common's legendary flow and wonderful ear for rhythm is back, with his newest outing 'A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2' landing somewhere between funky laid-back hip-hop and late 90's downbeat, mixed with licks of purple funk, to great effect. Stunningly well written and featuring a stellar lineup of guests inc. Brittany Howard and Seun Kuti.


1. Intro (Push Out The Noise) Featuring Jessica Care Moore
2. A Beautiful Chicago Kid Featuring PJ
3. When We Move Featuring Black Thought And Seun Kuti
4. Set It Free Featuring PJ
5. Majesty (Where We Gonna Take It) Featuring PJ
6. Poetry Featuring Marcus King And Isaiah Sharkey
7. Saving Grace Featuring Brittany Howard
8. Star Of The Gang Featuring PJ
9. Imagine Featuring PJ
10. Get It Right
11. OUTRO (Exclamation Point) Featuring Morgan Parker

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