Bendik Giske

Cruising - Laurel Halo Remixes

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Smalltown Supersound

About this item

Laurel Halo delivers two wonderful remixes of Bendik Giske’s "Cruising", the centre piece of his brand new album Cracks. The two remixes perfectly interprets - and reshapes - the scope of Giske’s mesmerising and hypnotic original piece.

The A-side mix sublimates Giske's expressive saxophone beneath electronic rain patterns and misty ambience, while a sparse but grooving rhythm takes care of the body work. On the flip, a beatless variation showcases the delicate way the producer has handled the original, squeezing maximum feeling out of each note.


1. Crusuing (Laurel Halo Remix)
2. Crusuing (Laurel Halo Less Remix)

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