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Arriving at a time of considerable uncertainty in the world, Son Lux's intimate, electro-soul album 'Tomorrows' is ambitious in scope and intent. Born of an active, intentional approach to shaping sound, the music reminds us of the necessity of questioning assumptions, and of sitting with the tension.

Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang train their sights on volatile principles: imbalance, disruption, collision, redefinition. But for all of its instability, ‘Tomorrows’ exploration of breaking points and sustained frictional places is ultimately in service of something rewarding and necessary: the act of questioning, challenging, tearing down and actively rebuilding one’s own identity. Resynthesized strings, acoustically manipulated live instruments and vocals and a classically informed approach to arranging has resulted in an album that feels comfortable, intimate & timeless.

The band remains audibly indebted to iconoclastic artists in soul, hip-hop, and experimental improvisation who themselves carved new paths forward. Distilling these varied influences, Son Lux searches for equilibrium of raw emotional intimacy and meticulous electronic constructions.


Tomorrows I
A1. Dissolve
A2. Plans We Made
A3. Bending Shadows
A4. Only
A5. Days Past
A6. Honesty
B7. Into Wind
B8. Last Light
B9. Undertow
B10. Involution

Tomorrows II
C1. Warning
C2. Molecules
C3. Prophecy
C4. Leaves
D5. Out Of Wind
D6. Apart
D7. Bodies
D8. Weight Of Your Air
D9. Live Another Life
D10. Borrowed Eyes

Tomorrows III
E1. Unbind
E2. A Different Kind Of Love
E3. Upend
E4. Plans We Make
E5. Glimmer
E6. Come Recover
F7. Sever
F8. The Hour
F9. Embrace
F10. Vacancy

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