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Uncommon Weather

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A message from an old friend earlier this year: “I heard an album yesterday and thought: I bet Laura likes this”. It wasn’t a record I knew, but one look at the record’s sleeve and I was pretty sure he’d be right - It looked like an album I’d love! (We’ve all bought an album ‘cos we love the artwork right?) He was talking about this, the third LP in as many years from San Francisco resident Glen Donaldson. Self recorded and self produced, this collection of 13 succinct, super melodic, understated pop songs has a lovely warm, hazy feel to it. With song titles like “A Kick In The Face (That’s Life)” and “I Hope I Never Fall In Love” you can guess there’s a heavy dose of melancholy in the songwriting, but the gorgeous guitar jangles that chime through the low-fi haze lift the spirit, like the sun breaking through the clouds on a summer's day. 


Don’t Ever Pray In The Church On My Street (02:46)
I Hope I Never Fall In Love (02:56)
The Biggest Fan (02:47)
Uncommon Weather (01:54)
A Kick In The Face (that’s Life) (02:01)
I Wouldn’t Die For Anyone (02:35)
I’m Sorry About Your Life (02:05)
The Record Player And The Damage Done (02:22)
Pictures Of The World (03:11)
Life At Parties (02:52)
Sing Red Roses For Me (03:54)
The Songs You Used To Write (02:49)
Sympathetic (03:11)

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