Black Valley

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Album #5 from Ledfoot. It is a true pleasure to present ‘Black Valley’, the follow up to ‘White Crow’ which was awarded the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) for best blues album in 2019. On his 5th album, Ledfoot invites us to a slightly different musical landscape. The signature sound of Ledfoot is still here of course, but ‘Black Valley’ takes a step aside from the typical gothic blues sound of Ledfoot, with a stronger singer/songwriter attitude and with lyrics and a sound closer to the murder ballad tradition. The lyrics are happy, positive and life embracing… no, just kidding… in solid Ledfoot tradition these brilliant lyrics explore the darker side of the mind. From ‘Broken eyes’: “Let's not talk about the future I don’t need it fucking with my mind I´m not chasing after rainbows I’m colorblind” As always with his 12 string guitar fitted with extremely heavy strings, played with a brass slide and steel finger picks, kicking his stomp box! Due to the ongoing pandemic there are no scheduled concerts, but Ledfoot plans to tour Europe as soon as restrictions are lifted.


1. Black Valley
2. Take Away The Hurt
3. Without Love
4. Broken Eyes
5. Poor Mans Lullaby
6. Angel Town
7. Crossed My Heart
8. This I Know
9. Falling Down 10. Slip Away

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