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Even from his earliest edits and deep but different club tracks on Wolf + Lamb, it was clear that Nicolás Jaar was a special talent, and once he'd arrived at his Essential Mix in 2012, he'd more or less mastered dance music. Since then, he's turned his attention to noise experiments, film scores, politico-punk and some inspired production work for other artists, most notably FKA Twigs second LP 'Magdalena'. 

Written and produced between 2017-2019, 'Cenizas' sees Jaar in introspective mode, leading us through deep waters and seductive darkness for a little under an hour. Almost entirely fluid, the thirteen tracks bleed from one to the next, occasional snatches of latin rhythm, sleek clarinet or jazzy keys disrupting the moody electronics and crepuscular vibrations. At times beautiful and beatless, incorporating elements of drone, modern classical, latin, jazz and electronica, this LP flows like a film score and captures the otherworldly atmosphere of his aformentioned Essential Mix perfectly. There's no one out there who sounds like him, and few who operate at his level. 


A1. Vanish
A2. Menysid
A3. Cenizas
A4. Agosto
B1. Gocce
B2. Mud
B3. Vacíar
C1. Sunder
C2. Hello, Chain
C3. Rubble
D1. Garden
D2. Xerox
D3. Faith Made Of Silk

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