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Vibrations (Love Record Stores Edition)

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Love Record Stores Edition available from 9am on Saturday June 20th.
Limited to one per person.

Simon Jefferis debut album, Vibrations. Featuring Rosie Lowe, Abhi The Nomad, Shunaji, Dylan Jones, David Mrakpor, Ife Ogunjobi, Natty Reeves, Sheldon Agwu & Ben Vize.

Seriously though, who has this much talent? This shouldn't be so easy for him. It shouldn't be allowed for any human to groove so easily with so many different instruments. And, yet, here we are, watching SJ do his thing.” Earmilk Brixton based polymath Simon Jefferis has been setting mouths ajar with his expertly-crafted, atmosphere-heavy beats over the past few years. With his reputation as both a talented instrumentalist, and adaptive producer steadily circulating through the city’s hip hop undercurrents, 2020 sees Jefferis return to rising label DeepMatter with his debut LP ‘Vibrations’. From the golden era energies of ‘Back 2 Ours’ featuring Austin’s Abhi The Nomad, through to the silky smooth melodies of ‘White Rabbit’ (featuring the incredible Rosie Lowe on vocals) and shoulder swaying rhythms of ‘Something In The Water’, ‘Vibrations’ is an expertly crafted production masterclass from start to finish. With ease, Jefferis demonstrates the breadth of his musical capabilities, turning his hand to guitar, keys, drums and bass (with a little help from his friends along the way) with incredible results. Head nod inducing beats, jazz infused keys and interweaving textures make this a stand out record amongst the already sonically rich London jazz scene.


1. Atlantic Road
2. White Rabbit
3. High Grade
4. Don't Upset The Neighbours (Skit)
5. Back 2 Ours
6. Don't Get WOnKy Get Funky!

1. Vibrations
2. Hazy Days
3. It's Pronounced 'Jeff-Riss' (Skit)
4. Soul2ThePeople
5. Something In The Water

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