Ivan "Mamao" Conti


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Far Out

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Though it was recorded and mixed in the same sessions, ‘Katmandu’ was mysteriously omitted by Mam o from the Poison Fruit album, either accidentally or on purpose, he’s not quite sure. What is for sure is that it’s one of the most potent poison grooves of them all. The original mix, produced by Daniel Maunick, accompanies remixes from three of mainland Europe’s finest DJ/producer combos, prolific German nu-jazz collective Jazzanova, MCDE Recordings & Faces Records’ Pablo Valentino, and Croatian house veteran Eddy Ramich with assistance from Zagreb duo Jan Kinl & Regis Kattie. This EP is the second in a series of limited edition dance 12”s celebrating 25 years of Far Out Recordings and is housed in a special sleeve which uses the label’s original semiquaver logo from 1994.


Katmandu (Original Mix)
Katmandu (Pablo Valentino Remix)
Katmandu (Jazzanova Remix)
Katmandu (Eddy Ramich Feat. Jan Kinl & Regis Kattie Remix)

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