Sky, Horse And Catch EP - Inc. Khidja Remix

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Magic Movement

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Noema's last EP on his own, Magic Movement imprint was an absolute doozy, landing slap bang between shamanic house, cosmic and EBM flavours with a beguiling, mystic palette of sounds. He's back with some more music recorded on a recent trip top Sao Paulo and packing just as much punch as that previous volley. The title track translates a 90's Detroit house groove to the present day and adds cuica, berimbau and several other Brazilian drums on top. Riding the complex groove, you encounter eccentric synths, mysterious soundscapes and of course the horse, on this 11 minute long hack.

"Minhocao" trades the horse for a racing car and takes you on a cruise on the same-named elevated highway that leads through the city of Sao Paulo. Surrounded by driving beats, guitar single-notes, massive synth-bass howls and a gritty Moog theme, this jam is a hell of a joyride!

Khidja strips down the original title track to its core and creates a solely percussive version in a half-time groove. By adding a virtuoso qanon / saz-like sound the tune develops an arabesque flavour with a dubby bass as the cherry on the top.


A. Sky, Horse And Catch
B1. Minhocao
B2. Sky, Horse And Catch (Khidja Remix)

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