Denis Sulta

Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & They Listenhd

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Ninja Tune

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With our close relationship with Rubadub in Glasgow, we spotted Denis Sulta's pre-destined path and rise up the dance music pyramid sooner than most. Much like his predecessor Jackmaster a decade previous, there was an initial spark to the DJ / producer which had the full support of his loyal home town crew, ensuring his message was hammered far and wide at every opportunity.

Now a household name amongst the under 30's, not least for his outrageous festival antics, flamboyant DJ performances and unrelenting residency at Sub Club; he's recently, and relatively quickly, garnered the cover of Mixmag and joined Radio 1's Residency show to add to his credentials.

His first album, on prestigious label Ninja Tune, it serves to showcase the energetic and rambunctious DJ style he's become famous for whilst also showing a depth of studio technique that belies his less-that-serious public image. Aligning itself with the hedonism of Glasgow's night life, whilst journeying through the more electric experimental and nocturnal moods of dance music without revisiting over trodden ground the LP, "Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn..." is Sulta's battle cry to the global audience.

Set to play on increasingly bigger and bigger stages, this affirmative, recklessly naive yet confident LP finds (real name) Hector marching up the hype mountain with his trademark hefty beats and screaming synths wailing gleefully at the moon and the dancefloor. You'll want to stay hydrated, it's a marathon not a sprit!


Gas Whillis (While I Paint My Nails)
I'm Not Always Right, So I Listen
Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie
It's Tough, But Not As Much As The Dream Is Worth (Joseph) -
Dan (wll SOME Day KNOW How Special He Makes Me Feel)
Welcome, To The Rest Of My Life

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