National Jazz Trio Of Scotland

The Standards Vol. V

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Fifth Album by the Bill Wells project feat. words by Aidan Moffat A masterclass in nuance, interpretation and the purifying power of the human voice, Standards Vol. V represents another captivating chapter in the career of a singular figure in contemporary music. For his fifth album as the mischievously named National Jazz Trio Of Scotland, the prolific jazz outsider Bill Wells posits yet another collaborator in the diffuse light cast by his tender chord shifts and understated arrangements. The voice on Standards Vol. V is that of Black, whose other musical activities include the band Babe, Francois And The Atlas Mountains, Rozi Plain and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


I Know Where I'm Going (1:59)
Sigh No More Ladies (2:35)
Vox II (3:33)
Sunrise, Sunset (4:42)
Set Firee To Silver Light (0:51)
So Much Power (3:18)
Gradual Inclination (3:30)
The King Tailors (2:15)
Of Thee I Sing (4:46)
Gradual Inclination (reprise) (1:10)
A Quiet Goodbye (2:28)

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