Black Girl

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Really Swing

About this item

Italy's Really Swing 12” series opens a new chapter here with the first release from Capinera, the brand new project from Leo “Almunia” Ceccanti and Gianni Apicella - if you know those names, you know you can expect deep Balearica, hints of jazz and flagrant Gilmour-isms. 
The two tracker opens with the frankly sublime "Black Flower", a fireside concoction of Methany-style acoustic guitars, detailed percussion and a stoned groove perfect for summer evenings and simple times...and if that didn't sound good enough, the dreamy vocal puts the cherry in your lambic. On B-side beauty "Into The Woods" we move even further into Methany territory with delicate guitars enjoying a snake hipped 5/4 while the gentle bossa rhythm dances into the sunset. 


A1. Black Flower
B1. Into The Woods

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