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Planet Mu Recording artist, Gobstopper label boss, and Boxed club night founder Mr.Mitch provides the third release of 2019 for Pressure. This strictly limited, blue and yellow splattered vinyl platter is futurist dancehall at its most exhilaratingly demented. Random synth patterns, chaotic bleep emissions and all round oscillating madness ensures this furiously fresh track, flows freakily, like a bogle frenzied droid transmitting from Kingston, Jamaica, year 2049. Kevin Martin aka The Bug, nagged Mitch into submission, to release this acid-ragga (new genre alert..?! - ed) killer, after the label CEO, heard "Not Modular" standing out clearly from Mitch’s gobsmacking one hour "Techno Dancehall Mix" at the end of 2018.

And as a tribute to South East London don dada Mitch, The Bug himself decided to slice, splice and dice "Not Modular" into two additional atomised remixes. The Bug’s ‘Straight’ remix, is sub aquatic bashment, pulsating deeply from the bottom of the ocean, buried in a blizzard of white noise and disembodied, hypnotic chimes, with panic sirens set to stun. Whilst the ‘Raw remix’ is no less disorientating and funky, sounding like Lenky’s classic ‘Diwali’ riddim rewritten by an 808 clap addict, with hips set to full rotation. Conclusively alien and ridiculously infectious. 


A1 Not Moduar 
B1 Not Modular (The Bug 'Straight' Remix)
B2 Not Modulare (The Bug ‘Raw’ Remix) 

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