Hannah Cohen

Welcome Home

Image of Hannah Cohen - Welcome Home
Record Label
Bella Union

About this item

Hannah Cohen has arrived home. From the title of Hannah Cohen’s new album to the depth and beauty of the music, the Woodstock, NY-based singer-songwriter’s third album ‘Welcome Home’ displays a new level of confidence and comfort with the many creative tools at her disposal. Cohen’s remarkably evocative voice is surrounded by dreamy, swooning incantations, from the rippling ‘This Is Your Life’ and the slowburning, forthright statement of ‘All I Want,’ to the soul swagger of ‘Get In Line’ and dramatic vocal leaps of ‘Wasting My Time’.


This Is Your Life
All I Wanted
Holding On
What's This All About
Old Bruiser
Get In Line
Wasting My Time
Return Room
Build Me Up

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