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Debut album from Jenny Pulse (fka Spa Moans) and Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Cap’n Jazz). First electronic music from Tim Kinsella. Recomend if you like: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Eartheater, HEALTH, Spa Moans, Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc… "Good Fuck is the byproduct of collaborative conscious alignment. We jammed sometimes, usually late at night with a couple drinks in us, never bothering to record. And we'd tweak various setups while making lunch or getting ready for work. But mostly we talked about what it would be, defining the parameters.

For months we talked and talked about it. We spent most nights DJ'ing for each other or checking out shows, identifying and refining what we were drawn to, where we found surprising cracks or overlaps. Then finally we packed the car and drove 13 hours to The Millay Colony in upstate New York: an artist's colony in The Berkshires, miles down a private road, next to 100,000 acres of national forest. And when we arrived, off-season and empty, we found it under four feet of snow.

Our process was compressed into a single week in uninterrupted isolation, so we developed a working system to keep us moving and intuitive, trading tracks back and forth on a schedule. For the lyrics we agreed on 12 books we thought most relevant and came up with various systems to collapse and collage them into each other in different combinations. And packing up after the end of the week, we were stunned by the results Of course there were snags, technological and psychological. And of course we threw a good amount away. But what was left was not the result of trying to write songs, but the effortless evidence of what emerged when we got clear in our intentions and then just let it out." Tim Kinsella…… 


1. We Keep It Light
2. En Garde
3. Jenny Dreams Of Pies
4. Nick, Celibate
5. Fawn
6. Spring Song
7. Gold
8. Saint Francis
9. Shadows
10. Physics
11. Secret Meetings 
12. Stacking Oranges

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