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Herrre's Levi - MCR's #1 nicest, most enthusiastic and downright charismatic house head / flamboyant DJ extraordinaire and now, label owner and contributing artiste! - is there nothing this man can't do? (he also has a side line in stand up! - ed).

Anyway, having made waves with their debut record, "Applebush" that came in at the end of last year, the small but perfectly formed team have been spreading the good word, touring, performing and ensuring even the farthest flungs of the record buying world heard the release - resulting in a rapturous global reception

Named after one of the few remaining, truly bohemian spots in Ibiza, "The Ashram EP" sees Levi take the reins, dropping two tracks and featuring a ridiculously good guest vocal on the B-side.

"Ashram" begins, gently fluttering in like a butterfly as a relaxed percussion ushers in low droning bass and a cerebral pad sound. It's unforced and effortless, showing a poise and sophistication that belies Levi's somewhat recent entry into record production. It should bring back fond memories of listening to Henrik Schwarzand Âme as the Sun rises or falls over your favourite tropical party spot. Majestic!

Side B stems from an afterparty which took place 7 years ago, during which he contacted a very talented vocalist Daddy Molete to narrate that night, in retrospect. It has taken all these years to find an instrumental that did justice to the vocal; in the process converting the whole piece into a New York dub-infused Afro house track, like it was cherry picked from Yoruba and Sacred Rhythm Music's catalogues! Honestly, this is as an arresting a piece of house music as you're likely to hear all year - hats off Levi you've nailed it here mate!

Mas O Menos was established in 2015, with the intention to encourage cross-pollination of Manchester and South African culture and music. 'Celebrating a milestone birthday in the serene and almost hypnotic surroundings of Sunset Ashram, Ibiza, gave birth to the title of this EP. It was constructed using the melodies of a struggle song I used to sing with my father; his passing was indicative of a significant point in my life. Chandra's meaning of Ashram is exactly that: a step in the journey of life. To retain it in musical form is not only meditative but therapeutic. As a psychiatrist by day this is something that resonates with me - and it is my intention to transfer this restorative sentiment to the listener.'


Matt says: Yes you know it. Brother Levi returns with his cult imprint and it's a steaming, late night house affair that democratizes any dancefloor!


A. Ashram
B. Matty's Room Ft. Daddy Molete

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