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"ALL" is the first album to be recorded at Tiersen’s new studio, venue and community centre, The Eskal, built in an abandoned discotheque on the island of Ushant, a small island positioned in the Celtic sea between Brittany and Cornwall, Tiersen’s home for the past 10 years. The album, mixed and co-produced by Gareth Jones, continues the themes of environment and a connection to nature first explored on EUSA, incorporating recordings from outside of Brittany, such as the redwood forests of California as well as field recordings from Tempelhof airport in Berlin (on ‘Tempelhof’), plus guest vocalists.


Barry says: Since the Amelié soundtrack, i've been in love with Tiersen's work, and this is most certainly the culmination of all of his previous works. It's a stunningly delicate, but beautifully emotive collection, more classically focused than Arnalds or Frahm but as tender as either (i'm not throwing shade here, i'm mad for a good pianist). Beautiful.


Koad (Wood)
Erc’h (Anow)
Usal Road
Pell (Far)
Bloavezhioù (Years)
Heol (Sun)
Gwennilied (Swallows)
Aon (Fear)
Prad (Meadow)
Beure Kentañ (First Morning)

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