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Creepy Crawl is proud to unleash the second release from Tampere, Finland’s heavy psych over-lords – Warp Transmission.

The previous release – the amazing Tamám Shud, was a reissue of a demo/rehearsal/whatever cassette – this is their first album proper – recorded and produced by the band themselves and then expertly mastered by the legend that is John McBain, former member of Monster Magnet / Hater / ETC

From the arctic circle comes the freshest and least revivalist take on stratospherically exhilarating psychedelic rock since “Spine Of God” was released in 1991, or “Relaxing With” in 1995… turned up, turned on and blasting out of your speakers, this throbbing over-blown riff monster could be the blast of guitar spuzz we need… a furious slab of unrelenting and unforgiving psychedelia.

This debut album proper from Finland’s Warp Transmission will stand up along side the afore mentioned debuts by Monster Magnet and The Heads, as well as the Stooges / Hawkwind / Blue Cheer / On Trial / early Nebula / Union Carbide Productions.. ,, it really is an almost untouchable single LP of speaker gashing, amp blowing, phaser shredding scree… you get to the end?? You simply put it back on again....

Label disclaimer: this is not Stoner Rock, or, indeed Shoegaze…. This is Warp Transmission, primitive-heavy..primordial ooze rock!


1: Ultra Thrust
2: Cast Into The Process
3: Wipeout
4: The Insect
5: Crash Like Waves
6: The Stranded
7: Quicksilver Mindstream

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