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When A New Trick Comes Out, I Do An Old One

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A triple CD set of archive / unreleased / unearthed MWC sounds to celebrate their 10th year of functionality. The first disc, A Field Full Of Sunken Horses hearkens back to MWC’s earliest phase c. 2003-2009, including the titular fan fave which was issued as 128kbps MP3 only by The Wire in 2005, and now appears in high quality along with the flanging, bubbling magick of Rotten Druid and the bandy-legged swagger of Owd Lad Night. The 2nd disc, Tripping In The Elizabethan Sense brings us up to the period surrounding Clutch It Like A Gonk, namely variations on a "dance” music theme and the results spell out an array of eerie-step beats and mystic foxtrots.

The final disc We In This Hill Are Alive relinquishes a further 22 tracks of undulating soundscapes, taking inspiration from rugged Northern English hills and valleys to render a series of deep topographical studies mapping plasmic links between stone circles, hill mounds and ancient folk dressed in cutting edge couture. This is a music and upside down world unto itself, one where clocks go backwards and anthropomorphic fancies are an everyday occurrence ~ familiar to many, and seductive to many more.


A - A Field Full Of Sunken Horses (GEPH010CDA)

1-1 Planting By The Signs
1-2 Peel Of Bees
1-3 A Central Variation
1-4 The Moontower
1-5 Magpie Mine
1-6 He've Got Saint Lawrence On The Shoulder*
1-7 Wolves In My House
1-8 The Potting Shed
1-9 Return To Shoebox Garden
1-10 Penfriends
1-11 Rotten Druid
1-12 Marshlight No. 2
1-13 Squire Skipling's Horrible Hobby
1-14 The Rabbit's Warning
1-15 Shopping In Fog
1-16 Curdled Footpath
1-17 Carousel Jack
1-18 13 O'Clock Hallucinations 2
1-19 Owd Lad Night
1-20 Autumn Fair Advertisement
1-21 10,000 Frozen Steps
1-22 Music In The Woods

B - Tripping In The Elizabethan Sense (GEPH010CDB)

2-1 Autumn Theatricals
2-2 Galaxy Class
2-3 Circle Of Power
2-4 Infernal Devices (Electrickery Mix)
2-5 Gonk Electric
2-6 Original Wolf Bounce
2-7 Gonk Operetta (Phantom Mix)
2-8 Gonk Stealth
2-9 Sly Gavotte (Dizzy Mix)
2-10 Special Nougat (Ghastly Nougat Mix)
2-11 Antiques Roadshow (Lost Somewhere Mix)
2-12 Spellcasting Summat (Could Be Hiding Mix)
2-13 Gonk Woozy
2-14 Always A Party (Fancy Fizz Mix)
2-15 Teatime Tick-tock Club
2-16 Gonk Materialize
2-17 Tudorbethan Jobbernowl (Full Jobbernowl Mix)
2-18 History Of Light Entertainment
2-19 Gonk Express
2-20 Strangewood Fair (Flaming Candyfloss Mix)
2-21 Hunted By Sentient Topiary
2-22 Ponder Ye (Extra Ponder Mix)

C - We In This Hill Are All Alive (GEPH010CDC)

3-1 Another Another Dreame
3-2 Endless Library
3-3 Location Spell
3-4 Eye Spy The Grey World
3-5 Refined Treacle Scryer
3-6 Nine Decaying Castles
3-7 Eternal Lovebirds (Midnight Mix)
3-8 Scorpio Pankenmannikins
3-9 Dispatch The Courtiers (Body Switcher)
3-10 Fine Big Hats
3-11 Exit Magic Control
3-12 Meadow Signals
3-13 If You Had The Key *
3-14 Midsummer Visitation
3-15 Silver Wolves
3-16 Creeping Into The Kitchen
3-17 Time Means Nowt
3-18 Redcaps In Barley
3-19 Absurd Games Night
3-20 A New Face On An Old Friend (Blazing)
3-21 Coaxing Zeus Into Bird Parallel *
3-22 Answer The Silent Question

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