Coca Leaf

Deep Marble Sunrise

Image of Coca Leaf - Deep Marble Sunrise
Record Label
Wharf Cat

About this item

Coca Leaf was a collaborative birthed in the hot Florida swamp years ago. ‘Deep Marble Sunrise’ was sculpted from a series of brain-fried studio sessions in NYC taking place in the summer 2015. The manic ramping-up and the inevitable comedown intertwine here. The party and the empty vacuum that follows.

For this album the group is comprised of multiinstrumentalists ZZ Ramierez (Ukiah Drag, Destruction Unit), David Vassalotti and Carson Cox (Merchandise) and Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Missionhubble). The cuts follow their impulses freely, coming up with a strange combination of hard funk, jazz, noise, no wave, free improvisation and dub.


New Soft Dawn
No Light Bleeds The Den
Twilight Haze
Riding Ice
Marbled Sunset

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