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Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

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London Grammar follow up their much lauded debut with their newest outing, 'Truth Is A Beautiful Thing'. Scaling the same emotional highs as the debut but with a much more refined and mature outlook. This young trio skillfully segue from the euphoric orchestral swells and intensely heartfelt vocal gymnastics of 'Rooting For You', through the U2-esque anthemic highs of the soaring majesty of 'Big Picture' through to the robust and richly evocative mid-way point. There are echoes of the spine-chilling instrumental plucks of Daughter's debut on 'Hell To The Liars', moving through to stuttering bass-heavy electronic drums and covert post-dubstep atmospherics on 'Non Believer'. 

This is a brilliantly constructed and smoothly produced collection, sweeping through heady instrumental phrases and chillingly evocative vocal passages, rich with melody and swimming with brittle but perfectly constructed walls of sound.  


Barry says: Tender, hushed vocals, soaring guitar echoes and brittle keys are the order of the day here, forming a heady and invigorating combination of newly matured songwriting skills and otherworldly ambience. A deft and more than capable follow-up to their much lauded debut.


1. Rooting For You
2. Big Picture
3. Wild Eyed
4. Oh Woman Oh Man
5. Hell To The Liars
6. Everyone Else
7. Non Believer
8. Bones Of Ribbon
9. Who Am I
10. Leave The War With Me
11. Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

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