Shaking Chains

Midnight Oil / Drunk No More

Image of Shaking Chains - Midnight Oil / Drunk No MoreImage of Shaking Chains - Midnight Oil / Drunk No More
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Concrete Recordings

About this item

Swing / doo-wop post-punk undefinables Frazer King disbanded some time ago, much to the disappointment of the Manchester music appreciators, but the good news is that some members of that sadly defunct outfit have reformed into Shaking Chains. What we get here is a duo of sleazy rocking swing numbers, focused around Jack Mahoney's deep, resonant growl. We start with 'Midnight Oil', grooving with a single-note surf-rock twang and stomping pitch-perfect percussion, twisting and turning like one of Cave's less melancholic numbers. 

'Drunk No More' is a brilliant syncopated psychedelic number, lurching from a barely accompanied acapella into a gutsy rock and roll melody. Groovy but unhindered by genre constraints, this opens up the floodgates for a genre culture clash, and succeeds without flinching. It's bold but eminently listenable, a treat for the ears. 

What is even better, Frazer king fans, is that Nathan was kind enough to drop us in some tapes of 'Idle Class Debris' to give away with the 7", but get down quick, they're limited! 

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