Taxi C.A.B.

Son Of A Beatnik

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House Jam

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Taxi CAB's "Son Of A Beatnik", another Chi-town staple to use Wood, Brass & Steel's "Funkanova" along with a plethora of other samples any true house head's gonna recognize. Produced in Chicago by the well loved and late DJ Chunk-A-Bud aka Adam Malian (RIP) all the way back in the mists of 1994 on Rick Lenoir's coveted House Jam label; it's the Red Dog mix that does it for me, happily chopping up the best parts of "Funkanova" along with seductive vox from the period. The Shelter mixes of both "Chunk-A-Nova" and "Muzik Iz" are both functional, rhythmic tracks that would and will wreck havoc in any creative DJs set. This reissue has been realized with the full involvement of Rick Lenoir and is 100% legit.


A1. Chunk-A-Nova (Red Dog Mix)
A2. Chunk-A-Nova (Shelter Mix)
B1. Our Muzik Iz (Shelter Mix)
B2. Our Muzik Iz (Red Dog Mix)

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