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Dead Oceans

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On ‘Psychopomp’, the debut full length for Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner romanticizes need, knowing precisely how futile it can be, as she howls on the record’s final song, to “cling to your sleeves ‘til they’re like lacerated sails.”

‘Psychopomp’ unspools with an otherworldly rush - it’s skysized dream-pop with substance, moving from the gorgeous euphoric rush of ‘In Heaven’ through the pinwheeling ‘Rugged Country’ and ‘Everybody Wants To Love You’ into the painful longing of ‘Jane Cum’ and ‘Heft’ and the relief of ‘Triple 7’.

Imagine Bat For Lashes or ‘Tango In The Night’-era Christine McVie working in the New York indie-pop scene populated by the likes of Frankie Cosmos and Porches.

‘Psychopomp’ has become one of the year’s most beloved indie-pop records, receiving plaudits from the likes of Pitchfork and NPR.


1 In Heaven
2 The Woman That Loves You
3 Rugged Country
4 Everybody Wants To Love You
5 Psychopomp
6 Jane Cum
7 Heft
8 Moon On The Bath
9 Triple 7

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