African Head Charge

Environmental Studies

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On-U Sound

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Experimental studio album from 1982 that saw African Head Charge working manipulated and vari-speeded 1/4 inch tape loops that were re-recorded back to the multi track, soaked in reverb and delay, and then applied to the performances of the musicians, not to mention extensive use of found sounds and field recordings, hence the title.

The brainchild of Adrian Sherwood and percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, the group forged their own undefinable sound on these early albums which sound eerily contemporary, predating the experimental bass music of labels such as Hyperdub and Tectonic.

Features contributions from Bruce Smith (The Pop Group), Style Scott (Roots Radics) and Deadly Headley (The Wailers).

Re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin for maximum bass pressure. Includes printed inner with sleevenotes by Steve Barker (‘On The Wire’), plus download card for full album.


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