The Entertainers

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Third Man Records

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There’s no band that can lay claim to being the true best in the business, except VIDEO. Crawling from the musical wasteland that is Texas, their intentions are simple: they want to own the world. While the band features members of Bad Sports, Wiccans, Radioactivity, and the Wax Museums (just to name a few), VIDEO stands on its own as one of the most powerful and visceral bands active today. Combining equal parts snotty punk, hard rock, and melodic dissonance, VIDEO are pioneers of their own subgenre, Hate Wave. Going well beyond the confines of paint by numbers punk, and generic, flaccid garage rock, VIDEO forges a new cult like movement. So pay attention, consumers, and don’t miss out on the best thing going today. Long Live The New Faith, Long Live VIDEO.


1. Opening
2. The Entertainers
3. New Immortals
4. Drink It In
5. Nothing Lasts Forever
6. Shackles
7. No Art
8. Never Enough
9. Out Of My Hands
10. I Will Wait
11. The End Of It All

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