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Cerberus Future Technologies

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Featuring South Lancashire's most adept Etheric Noblemen...
All compositions have been radionically tapped in real-time from the infinite sonic wisdom of the cosmos and dimensions beyond. Magnetically captured by the divine technological wonders of VHS and its equally majestic audio equivalent - the C90 Cassette Tape.
For the listeners' full enjoyment, safety and peace of mind - full assurance is given that during the process of duplication any physical tape material has been shielded from rogue malicious extra-dimensional entities, and from any real-time psionic black magick interference (or any variant or overlaid magnetised psi-programming)
Recorded at Cerberus Development Laboratories 2014/15

Vocal appearances by:  Elizabeth Six & Don Lovedog. 

Compiled and edited by Ste Spandex. Additional Musings by Anturio.

Includes unlimited streaming of Shadowcasters via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


Matt says: The Cerberus space ship rockets onwards! This stupendously good star cruiser is like Manuel Gottsching or Ash Ra beamed deep, deep into a wormhole and coming out sometime close the very end of the known current universe. You know how the new Hubble is gonna show you light from the very beginning of time, well this is the sound vibrations transmitted at the very END of time and captured now, without any red shift. Get ya head 'round that pop pickers.

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