Sarah Cracknell

Red Kite

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Cherry Red

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'Red Kite' is the much-anticipated new solo album by Saint Etienne’s lead singer Sarah Cracknell. Musically, 'Red Kite' has a sophisticated, pastoral feel, drawing on classic 60s pop with less of a dance music influence than Saint Etienne. Sarah has co-written all the songs bar one cover version, ‘The Mutineer’. It’s fanfared by new single ‘Nothing Left To Talk About’, an uplifting indie-pop duet with guest vocalist Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers.

The album was recorded at Big Pink, Oxfordshire and in Cardiff in winter 2014 and early 2015, and is co-produced by Carwyn Ellis of Colorama.


01. On The Swings
02. Nothing Left To Talk About (Feat Nicky Wire)
03. In The Dark
04. Ragdoll
05. Underneath The Stars
06. Hearts Are For Breaking
07. Take The Silver (ft. The Rails)
08. The Mutineer
09. I Close My Eyes
10. It’s Never Too Late
11. I Am Not Your Enemy
12. Favourite Chair

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