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Black Solidarity Presents Mr Babylon

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Black Solidarity / Jamaican Recordings

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“Hear what happen now! Me and me friends had a kinda thing like the jukebox was our sound system and we’d use our lunch money to play the baddest tunes on the jukebox. We were aided and abetted by a kinda dodgy little shop keeper cause we were kids and we were in the rum bar punching the juke box when we weren’t supposed to be allowed!! So we were breaking all the rules” - Ossie Thomas

Breaking rules from the outset Ossie Thomas had furthered his childhood fascination with music while still attending Oberlin High School and many more rules would be broken when together with Phillip Morgan he set up the Black Solidarity label in 1979 on Delamare Avenue deep in the heart of Kingston.

For this latest reissue from the label, Black Solidarity turn their attention to singer Robert Ffrench. Later to have the massive hit 'Bun And Cheese' with Clement Irie, this collection brings together Ffrench's solo work in the mid 80s.


1. Joker Family
2. Radication
3. Mr Babylon
4. Single Life
5. Problem Is A Cry
6. Bad Boy Posse
7. Rebel Girl
8. The Favourite
9. Cut Eye Cut Eye
10. Me Raggamuffin
11. A Dance Without A Deejay
12. Mother In Law
13. No Modelling*
14. Shock We A Shock*
15. True True Loving*
*CD Bonus Tracks

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