The Blood Tub Orchestra

We're Glad You've Got A Gun

Image of The Blood Tub Orchestra - We're Glad You've Got A Gun

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The Blood Tub Orchestra, set to be 2015’s most interesting and innovative outfit, are delighting and enthralling listeners with their wholly unique idea. Unearthing Victorian and Edwardian music gems from often long-forgotten artists, The Blood Tub Orchestra evolve the pieces into fully-formed 21st century creations that still possess the characteristics and soul of the original historic works. The ghost is firmly spooking the machinery.

When we look into our histories, we often do so with a rose-tinted and fantastical idealism of what entailed in those previous years, belying the actual truth whilst embracing the myths. This music most certanly isnt that! With the cosy mothball whiff of fancy dress nostalgia removed, a straight bare knuckle fight between the song and the performers is left to find its place creating the most mouthwatering proposition since The Rolling Stones re-introduced Blues to America. Great Britain, this means you!

The songs on this EP are selected for their timeless relevance and irreverance, We’re Glad You’ve Got A Gun, of which no known original recordings exist, is a chilling call to arms propaganda song aimed at the popular music markets of it’s day. The Modern Mephistopheles is a damning a bitter whimsical mocking version of a song about poverty and ‘domestic bliss’ that was popular in its day.

The Blood Tub Orchestra is comprised of a ragtag assortment of musical waistrels. Tim Whelan (Transglobal Underground, Furniture etc), Ashley Davies (Project Dark, London Dirthole Company etc), Kirsten Reynolds (Project Dark, LDC etc), Rob Lewis (Pulkas, LDC etc), Debbie Smith (Echobelly, Ye Nuns etc) plus various guests

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