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Viet Cong

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Recorded in a barn-turned-studio in rural Ontario, the seven songs that make up ‘Viet Cong’ were born largely on the road, when Matt Flegel and bandmates Mike Wallace (both ex members of the much loved band Women), Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen embarked on a 50-date tour that stretched virtually every limit imaginable.

The repetition throughout ‘Viet Cong’ hypnotizes but also softens, leaving a space that is deceptively personal.

‘Continental Shelf’ orbits a thousand watt hook with a thick crackle and a battering-ram drum line.

‘Silhouettes’ is a tripwire of a song, opening with an almost Joy Division-esque exposition and moving at breakneck speed - frantic and pitch-black at a thousand miles an hour - until, before you know it, they are howling. Actually howling. Maybe you are too.


1 Newspaper Spoons
2 Pointless Experience
3 March Of Progress
4 Bunker Buster
5 Continental Shelf
6 Silhouettes
7 Death

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